Lilac & Navy (001)

Most days, at least the days he wants to be color coordinated, the Middle Aged Man plays modern Ken doll and asks his wife for help mixing and matching his clothes. For today, he knew he wanted to wear the brown monk straps, a shoe his wife picked out for him at one of their many forays into DSW. It’s a style they purchased early in his sartorial explorations, one he would not normally have chosen because the long toe box made his feet look abnormally Bozoish. Still, he put his trust in her and they have become a favorite. Now,  he remembered from previous days struggling to mix and match colors, an appropriate choice of trousers could be navy.  At that point, he was stuck what color shirt to wear.

“How about the lilac”, she said.

“What’s lilac? I don’t own anything lilac.”

She walked to his tiny closet and pointed to a light purple shirt, “That’s lilac.”

“No,” he responded, “that’s light purple.”

She sometimes forgets the Middle Aged Man only sees the 7 ROY G BIV colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. And then Indigo might as well be purple bringing it down to six colors total. Anyway, he added the light purple shirt to his ensemble, accented that with his Birth of Venus socks, a wooden watch with the light brown band, a silver Buddhist bracelet, a Tibetan Om necklace, and he was set for the work day.

Looking at the pictures, the Middle Aged Man feels the ensemble may be overly Suburbanish but it’s only Wednesday. The clothing later in the week tends to have a bit more color and flair tipping him safely in the direction of urban male.


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