Most people of my gender choose to snorkel in the tropics of Belize without a shirt to maximize absorption of the caressing rays of the Sun. Not me. The Sun’s rays are like little, barbed spears that dig into my flesh causing microbleeds resulting in a pinkish hue. So, I need to wear a T-shirt. I chose a form-fitting (too much form to fit elegantly) orange workout shirt. I should also have worn a hat because the Sun, not to be outshone (pun intended), sent those little spears into my head and I ended up with a pealing scalp later in the week.


The Do-Rag

Sometimes, one must adjust the attire to conform to local standards. Such is the case at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.

Entrance to the Golden Temple in Amritsar requires the removal of shoes and wearing a head cover…both men and women. The shoes are checked in outside the temple grounds. The Middle-Aged Man tends to never go barefoot, even in his home, but had to make the adjustment to see the beautiful temple. It was a more than acceptable tradeoff.

The head covering was purchased at one of many vendors on the way in. There were two choices. Orange or white. I am intrigued by the color orange (Sunrise,  The Dutch Football Team, Buddhist monks, the color my hair used to be) and white (high noon, purity, virginity, innocence), I chose the former as it more suited my personality. Purchase price a mere 20 rupees (30 cents)


On The Seashore (011)

At The Seashore

The first full day in Canada included a visit to Peggy’s Cove on the Nova Scotia seashore then a long, long drive to the very tip of Prince Edward Island 418 km to the North. It was cool in the morning so the stretchy jeans were again chosen. The sun was shining so shorts could have been option but the Middle Aged Man decided to play it safe. After this day, they were stuffed into the suitcase only to see the light of day on the long return trip home.

The Middle Aged Man digs the shades of orange known as rust, copper, terracotta, because they remind him of his beloved Moab, Utah, a land boasting many shades of orange and red along with landscapes that look more surreal than real. If he was given the option of living anywhere in the world, it would be somewhere in the bottom third of Utah leaning toward the East. His plan is to reside there permanently for eternity posthumously when his ashes are scattered to the Canyonland winds.

Now that he is thinking about the red rocks, he feels it’s time to visit his spiritual home again.